Bottoms Up!

May 2, 2013 by daire91 - 9 Comments

So I’m back for my second Blog Every Day in May post, today’s prompt is: What is your favourite thing about spring? What plans do you have to enjoy it?

My favourite thing about spring is that feeling you get, first thing in the morning, when you walk outside and see blue sky. The air might still chill you to the bone, but whenever I see that stretch of blue, I can’t help but feel optimistic. Spring reminds me I’m still young. It reminds me of daisy chains. It reminds me of car boot sales. It reminds me that I should really start watching One Tree Hill from the beginning again. Mostly it reminds me of me, the way I used to be, before this avalanche of responsibility swept me away.

Spring just makes be feel happier about life in general, and all those things I’ve been blessed with.

And this ties in perfectly with my latest Life Book page, inspired by artist Aimee Myers Dolich (check out her quirky, colourful art here) and is all about ‘honouring and grounding’ (i.e. coming back down to earth and appreciating what you have, something we should all do a little more often!).

The first part of this lesson involved creating inky backgrounds with crusty old ink pads. As soon as I realised that’s what we were doing I thought ‘Yesss! I’ll finally be able to use that tub of ink pads I’ve been hoarding for the last year!’ But then I tried to use them and… I think when the sponge starts dissolving into the ink, it’s time to get rid…

The second part of the lesson was to make a collage with those inky backgrounds, and add some writing. Because of my ink pad malfunction, and because I just wanted to get started rather than waiting to buy some new ink, I used paint to make my colourful papers.

Here is my final page:


I loved everything about this. I loved creating it, I love how it looks, I loved that I didn’t need to get all my messy stuff out… and I will definitely be creating more pages in this style.

The words are a list of the wonderful things I have in my life (some more profound than others), but there are endless things you could write about on a page like this…

So what are your favourite things about spring? What are you most thankful for today?

D x