A Page of Affirmations

May 27, 2013 by daire91 - 4 Comments

So today is day 27 of the Rosalilium Blog Every Day in May Challenge and the theme is Secret Talent.

This one is a hard one for me… I’m the kind of person who cringes when I have to talk about myself, if someone tells me I’m good at something I can’t help but say something sarcastic. And the only ‘secret’ I have is this blog. So I thought maybe I’d use a get out of jail free card and ask the boyfriend to share my special talents…

Want to hear what he came up with?

‘Well, err, you’re creative. And y’know, skilful. And you can multitask, that’s special.’

Obviously I have an excellent candidate for writing my next CV, but coming from the person who’s supposed to love and indulge me more than anyone, I don’t know how impressed I am…

So instead of using a boy as my source of information I’m going to share my latest Life Book page with you. This class was taught by the fabulous Dawn DeVries Sokol, and the idea was to create a page filled with positive words about you and the things you’re good at (so perfect for today’s blogging prompt!)


The light bounced off the paint a bit so you can’t really read all the text:

Creative Soul * Nobody Stronger * Nobody Stranger * Mama Bear * Doodler Extraordinaire * Unique Creature * You see through the blurred lines * With a talent for sarcasm * You never forget * Somehow there’s someone who loves you enough to put up with all your issues * Ans you pull the best faces [evidenced by the photo!]

I wouldn’t say this is the most beautiful page I’ve ever created but I enjoyed making it… even if it’s not that easy writing things about yourself!

So how about you? Any secret talents?

D x